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ZesCoin is a smart contract token that is used in online advertising. The project team is developing a social network platform, Melon, which will be the first application of ZesCoin. Our goal is to integrate ZesCoin into existing online systems and make online advertisement payments easier for the payers. Users of these systems can be rewarded by ZesCoin when they view advertisements.

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Initial exchange offering(IEO)
2021.09.07 (12:00)

Listed exchanges :,,

Circulating Supply
1,000,000,000 (20%)

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2.49 ₮


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71335500 ₮


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4873500 ₮


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883500 ₮


Zes Ad Network

Copper Advertising Network connects the people who use websites and phone to the advertisements that was uploaded. Zescoin is based on Blockchain crypto token which was created by Seclab team’s experts and consultants.

People are able to collect coin by watching advertisements, and also able to expand their businesses by distributing advertisements to the organizations that they work with.

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Road Map

We present the action plan of the "ZesCoin" project, which will work in the domestic advertising market and provide services to the international market.

Released on the Ethereum blockchain


Whitepaper published


Opening of website


Launched the Zescoin Wallet app


Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)


Trading started on (


Launched on


Launched on


Launched on MELON, social entertainment platform

2022 I

Increase the number of contact organizations

2022 II

Launched on

2022 IV

Trading will begin on the international exchange

2023 I

Global services on a platform with +10 million users

2023 II

MELON project phase 2

2023 III

WEB 3.0

2023 IV

Our Team

More than 10 years of experience in the field of information technology, business experience of creating and successfully running a start-up company in the field of e-commerce and information security.

ZesCoin wallet (Zesc Wallet App)

We are introducing the ZesCoin Wallet app to spread the use of ZesCoin to the masses. This application allows users to save and transfer ZesCoins earned after watching advertisements.

Save Zescoin


Transfer of Zescoin

Collect ZesCoins by watching ads

Get ZesCoins by scanning the ZesQR code on the ad

View information on crypto exchange rates

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Melon Platform

We will introduce Mongolian intelligence to the world and develop together. It is the leading national social platform that allows people to come together, share their knowledge and experience, and grow together, where every participant benefits.

Expert Network




NFT Shop



Max Total Supply
Total Burn
Current coin quantity
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Max Total Supply Burned coin Current coin quantity Date
5,114,477,611 10,863,626 5,103,613,985 2022-01-24
5,114,477,611 1,745,525 5,101,868,460 2022-02-21
5,114,477,611 10,000,000 5,091,868,460 2022-03-22
5,114,477,611 10,000,000 5,081,868,460 2022-04-13
5,114,477,611 521,000,000 4,560,868,460 2022-05-21
5,114,477,611 10,000,000 4,550,868,460 2022-06-23
5,114,477,611 10,000,000 4,540,868,460 2022-07-26
5,114,477,611 10,000,000 4,530,868,460 2022-08-22
5,114,477,611 11,661,853 4,519,206,607 2022-10-20
5,114,477,611 9,763,842 4,509,442,765 2022-11-28

Frequently Asked Question

  • Please do your due diligence on the project you are considering investing in. It includes:

    Carefully read the Whitepaper of the project.

    Don't get with personal emotions.

    Don't make decisions based on other people's words.

    Beware of exposure to Pump (excessive price inflation) and Dump (excessive price reduction).

    Get news from official channels

  • Things to consider when making a transfer:

    Try transferring a small amount before making a transfer

    Check your forwarding address and other information

  • What is cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency is an electronic currency that is digitally located in an electronic environment based on Blockchain technology and exists without any central regulatory institution or organization. Cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited and is created using alphanumeric encryption, or cryptography.

  • What are the risks of cryptocurrencies?

    Anyone interested in cryptocurrency should do a lot of research. Cryptos exist on volatile, intangible, 24-hour unregulated capital markets and are not insured by any authority. Be aware of sudden price changes or price increases.

  • What is ZesCoin ?

    It is a crypto token issued by "Seclab" LLC in order to distribute online advertising revenue to users and make advertising payments quick and easy. The project team is developing a social network platform, Melon, which will be the first application of ZesCoin. Trading exchanges:,,

  • Purchase

    70% of the advertising revenue is for the purchase of the ZesCoin, as reflected in the rules of operation and further actions.

  • What kind of app is ZesCoinallet?

    Zescoin Wallet app is a wallet to store ZesCoin. The purpose of the application is to collect coins by watching videos, get information, and enter the collected coins to the exchange. It is an app that can be developed by adding the function of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain to domestic and international exchanges.

  • How to collect Zescoin?

    View Ads: You can collect coins by viewing ads posted by organizations on the ZesCoin wallet app.

    Invite a friend: You can get a link from the invite a friend option in the profile section and send it to the friend you invite. Your invited friend can collect coins by installing the app and clicking on the friend's invite link before clicking sign up.

  • Application sign up instruction

    Download ZesCoin Wallet app from Play Store/App Store and register by clicking “Continue with Facebook” button. If you have an iOS operating system, you can register by clicking the "Continue with AppleID" button.

  • Verification

    Verification can be done by reference to identity card, foreign passport or identity card. Please note that the instructions must be sent.

  • HODL function

    HODL is a crypto slang term meaning to buy-and-hold indefinitely. It implies not selling when markets go down or become volatile. Sometimes it is said to mean "hold on for dear life".

Contact Us

Please contact us at the address below for cooperation with our company and the ZesCoin project, distribution of advertising and other matters.